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A dedicated team that works in and out just to help people progress in life by finishing what they started
At American Vision University, we believe that learning is an ongoing process which definitely helps a person in some way or the other during his/her life. However, due to some personal or work related obligations, you might be forced to halt your studies and consequently your learning process. This, however, slows down the phase of your mental evolution, but little can you do about it. With AVU, you can. 

AVU recognizes the efforts of those people who want to complete their studies while working in companies or those students who have an eagerness of earning a degree despite changing their college/university. For them, our university has special pathways which can help them complete their degree in time.

How Our Partnerships Can Help You

People from different works of life who couldn’t finish their degree can now earn the benefit of our partnership programs to do the same. We, at AVU, have a dedicated team that works in and out just to help people progress in life by finishing what they started. For that, we talked to various public/private corporations, universities etc. held meetings, discussed our ideas and came to some mutual conclusions which were beneficial for both – the organization and the candidate. Today, we have entered into a partnership with some of the biggest companies and universities to help working people and students to finish their degree and meet their educational goals.

Our Partners Include


Corporate Partners

Over time, we’ve forged a strong relationship with some of the biggest public/private corporations so as to provide a greater access to all our educational, degree and our various certificate programs. This ultimately proves to be useful not just for the interested candidate, but also for the organization. With more skilled and learned employees at work, organizations can easily meet their goals. At AVU, we comprehend the employer’s needs and then design our various custom learning programs. So, if you work for any of our partners or affiliates, you might stand eligible for our various learning programs.

University Partners

AVU also works with other universities in order to streamline the entire credit transfer process so as to ultimately help those students who are interested in continuing their studies at AVU. Vision is all about helping students learn and progress in life and therefore we have taken up all necessary measures so as to ease a student’s transition from another university to ours.

Military Partners

Irrespective of whether you are an active or reserve duty officer, a military spouse or a war veteran, we, at AVU, support all sorts of education goals with our extremely affordable online degree and scholarship programs.

Case Study Partners

We, at AVU, believe in providing a real time working experience for our students by giving them a chance to apply their earned knowledge in business organizations. We can help them solve their current business challenges with our specially designed case study methodology.
American Vision University has always believed in a fair chance for everyone to complete their education. Those who were unable to do so or are facing any kind of difficulty can always contact us to know more about our partnerships and how they can benefit from them.

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