Faculty Listing

AVU's professorial and research faculty engage graduate students in diverse learning and research opportunities. Learn more about our world-class faculty and their individual expertise.
Dr. Tina White Potter, DBA
Business / MarketingDr. Tina White Potter, DBA
Phillip DiCenso, MBA
Business / ManagementPhillip DiCenso, MBA
Fancy Mills, MBA
HR / ManagementFancy Mills, MBA
Ann Marie O'Shea, MBA
Managment / HRAnn Marie O'Shea, MBA
Dr. Christine Smith, Ed.D
Leadership / ManagmentDr. Christine Smith, Ed.D
Dr. Lavelle Lemonier, PhD
Finance / AccountingDr. Lavelle Lemonier, PhD
Abbygale White, MBA
Management / HRAbbygale White, MBA
Dr. Robert Stojanovic, DBA
Managment / FinanceDr. Robert Stojanovic, DBA
Dr. Weiqi Zhang, PhD
Analytics / ManagementDr. Weiqi Zhang, PhD
Dr. Baran Erdik, MD
Healthcare / Public HealthDr. Baran Erdik, MD
Ashley Stancil, MBA
Business / HRAshley Stancil, MBA
Marcee Feddersen, MBA
Healthcare / LeadershipMarcee Feddersen, MBA
Dr. Samantha Calvin, PhD
Healthcare / ManagementDr. Samantha Calvin, PhD
Jason Cherubini, MBA
Finance / AccountingJason Cherubini, MBA
Heather McKamey, MBA
HR / ManagementHeather McKamey, MBA

Guest Speakers

The AVU guest speaker series features a wide variety of locally, nationally, and/or internationally renowned business leaders to share their experiences with students.
Dr. Jonathan borgwing, Ed.D
Educational Leadership Dr. Jonathan borgwing, Ed.D
Mark Wesson, MPH
Healthcare / ManagmentMark Wesson, MPH
Anisha Rao, MPP
Healthcare / Public PolicyAnisha Rao, MPP
Aaron Carter, MS, MBA
Engineering / EnergyAaron Carter, MS, MBA
Elena Borrelli, M.S.PAC, BCPA
Healthcare / ManagementElena Borrelli, M.S.PAC, BCPA
Dr. Anish Desai, MD
A Board-Certified HospitalistDr. Anish Desai, MD
David Creech, MS
SME / LeadershipDavid Creech, MS
Ebony Jones, MA
Leadership / MarketingEbony Jones, MA
Brenda Batista-Mollohan, MHA, JD
Law / HealthcareBrenda Batista-Mollohan, MHA, JD
Stacey Banks Houston, MBA
Entrepreneur / SMEStacey Banks Houston, MBA
Lee Ann Pond, MBA
Business / LeadershipLee Ann Pond, MBA
Danielle Jacobson, MS
Training and DevelopmentDanielle Jacobson, MS
Melissa Marsocci, MS
Healthcare / Health SystemsMelissa Marsocci, MS
Glen Harvell, MBA
Managment / LeadershipGlen Harvell, MBA
Stephanie Baumhover, PharmD, BCPS
Pharmacist / LeadershipStephanie Baumhover, PharmD, BCPS
Insa Simon-Graham, MBA
HR / Leadership Insa Simon-Graham, MBA
Bre Michelle, MA
Communication / MarketingBre Michelle, MA

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